Bodgurri, Boab, Bottle Tree, Adansonia gregorii.

This large distinctive tree occurs in many areas of Wunambal Gaambera Country. It has a very swollen trunk and smooth grey bark. It is dreaming for some people.

Water can be obtained by chopping into the trunk. Hollows in the trunks and branches hold water after rain, and this water can be drunk. The bark of young plants can be pulled off in long lengths, which can be made into string.

The fruit contact edible seeds and pith. the flour-like pith is often mixed with water and honey from sugarbag and eaten. It can also mixed with edible gum from other plants and then eaten. The fruit’s outer fury skin can be carved into patterns and images sold to tourists and visitors.

if the fruit are not quite ripe they can be buried in sandy areas for a few days to make them ripen.

The large kidney-shaped seeds are often roasted on hot coals and then eaten. When the fruit is cooked the pitch becomes like custard.

young plants have a large swollen tuber or yam. This can be dug up and the skin peeled off to expose the soft white flesh. This can be eaten raw, or lightly roasted in hot coals if they are bigger and more fibrous.

Photo of the bodgurri taken by Russell Ord – Photography

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