Bushwalker UVP

All bushwalkers - for safety reasons we encourage you to register your arrival, and walk departure and return, at the Ranger Station at either Mertens Camp Ground or Munurru Camp Ground (see map below).

The map below shows the 3 available bushwalking corridors in Wunambal Gaambera Country. Please indicate which one(s) you intend to use during your stay in the form below. Submitting this form will then take you to the UVP purchase page where you'll be able to select the number and duration of UVPs required for your visit. You'll require one UVP for each member of your party.

Bushwalking Corridors are open from 1 July to 31 October each year. Bushwalking Corridors are closed during the period 1 November to 30 June due to aerial and on-ground early dry season burning: no Bushwalking UVPs will be issued for this period.

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