Uunguu Coast Zone (Gaambera)

Anjo Cove

Anjo Cove Anjo Visitor Area Natural/Historical Story A sheltered cove with fragmented Wulo (monsoon vine thicket) behind the beach. Anjo Cove may have been named by French mariner, Nicolas Baudin, after Earl of D’Anjou, spelt Anjo on early 1900s maps. There are Makassan trepang cooking hearths (11 lines), a well and tamarind tree. Cultural Story

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Banjal (Vansittart Bay)

Banjal (Vansittart Bay) Mungalalu Visitor Area Natural Story Banjal is a fishing place with Burrurrga (sandy beach), sandstone outcrops and Jarrgarla (low ceriops mangroves). Cultural Traditional Camping place with rich marine resources and middens from abundant shell-fish. Gwion art can be found upon approach from Vansittart Bay. Access This Visitor Location is in Aboriginal Reserve

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Freshwater Cove

Freshwater Cove Pariaba Visitor Area Natural Story This is Wunggayila (volcanic hills) Country, dissected by rias (channels). Bauxite mining leases granted for this area are a significant threat to Healthy Country. A short walk upstream takes you to a small swimming hole with a waterfall. Cultural Story Wunambal Gaambera people welcome mariners to use this

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