Wulo (Rainforest), Yawal (Waterholes) and Bush Plants



Wulo (rainforest)

One Wanjina, Wirralawirrala and his Gwion wife, made the wulo and all the yam and other foods found there. Wulo is found throughout Wunambal Gaambera Country; in wunggayila (volcanic hills) and wunaggarr (sandstone and sand plains).
We need to keep track of what is happening in the wulo to make sure it stays healthy.
Right way fire is important for wulo.


Yawal (waterholes)

Yaway are all freshwater places on country – rivers, creeks, springs, billabongs, floodplains, swamps, waterfalls, rock holes and underground water. 

Yawal are like a cultural map of our country. Our ancestors travelled from yawal to yawal, camping, hunting and carrying out cultural traditions. 


Bush Plants

 We use plants for bush tucker, medicines, tools, weapons and art and craft. We also use plants to tell us when bush tucker and meat foods are ready to collect, hunt and eat. If bush tucker and meat food taste good, our country is healthy. 


Typical bush plants landscape of Wunambal Gaambera Country.
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