Media Protocols


Contact WGAC’s media adviser with all inquiries via email:


All filming on Wunambal Gaambera Country requires approval. Contact or 0418202546.

You are not permitted to take photographs, film or reproduce images in any media form for commercial or academic purposes or media sharing platforms (including social media) without first obtaining written permission from WGAC. 

Wunambal Gaambera’s request to film form must be completed for all commercial and academic media requests.: WGAC request for filming form.

Check which Visitor Locations you are visiting and note them down in the form when applying: Visitor Locations Map and Coordinates

Contact DBCA for other relevant permits:

Check roads are open for Gibb River Road and Kalumburu Road here: and here:

Check fire and burning activity. WGAC conducts aerial and on-ground early dry season burning from April to June each year to reduce wildfire damage and greenhouse gas emissions.

Check all protocols for drone usage is adhered to if using drones. 

FLIGHT ADVISORY including Drones

Check our approved Landing Areas, including for drones before filming on Wunambal Gaambera Country: Click here for Landing Areas Map.

Aircrafts, including drones must fly above 100ft when flying above watercourses, including waterfalls. 

No landing in watercourses or on watercourse ledges. 

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