Our Operations


Everything in our Uunguu is important to us and has to be looked after properly. Our Wanjina and Wunggurr Law gives us the rules and responsibility for looking after and keeping Wunambal Gaambera Country and all things in it healthy. Today there are also other ways of looking after country using Western science and modern equipment. We use both ways. Our healthy Country Plan is the story of we will look after Wunambal Gaambera Country into the future. Our Healthy Country Plan identifies 10 operations or targets for looking after country. 

Our ten most important things we focus on for looking after our Uunguu are:

1.Right way fire

2. Pest Species Management

3. Visitor Management

4. Culture (Knowledge Education Law)

5. Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Information Management

6. Partnerships and Communications

7. Sustainable Finances

8. Workforce, Risk & training

9. Living on Country

10. Land Use and Graa Planning

Find out more about some of our operations below. 

Pest Species Management

Visitor MAnagement


Knowledge, Education, Law
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