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Wunambal Gaambera Artists & Artworks

These artworks were created by Wunambal Gaambera artists for our new merchandise which we are hoping to launch in 2021. Find out more about our culture and artists below. 

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Brolga Dancing by Caren Mangolamurra
I painted the Brolga dancing because I wanted to challenge myself and try something new rather than a traditional style. I gave it a go and I really enjoyed it.
$200.00 inc. GST
Butcher Bird by Lillian Karadada
I painted the Butcher Bird as it is the totem of my family surname, Karadada. We pronounce it as Kor-od-dod-dot, but in the white man’s way they say Karadada. This painting shows my identity, my family and my totem and reminds me where I come from.
$200.00 inc. GST
Dugong by Lisa Mouda
I painted the Dugong because it is an important part of our culture and diet. I want to show others that this is what we eat and that we are grateful to our gods for blessing us with these gifts from the ocean.
$200.00 inc. GST
Gwion by Lillian Karadada
About the artist: Lillian Karadada I was born in Derby, Western Australia. I live in Kalumburu and work with Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation (WGAC) as the Administration Officer. My Country is Gibulde on Wunambal Country, from my father’s side and Wapenbe on Gaambera Country from my mother’s side. I learnt painting from my mother and father. I watched my parents, family and elders paint, tell stories and continue cultural practices. They showed me how to do things the right and proper way. I admire my father as he fought for our Country and Native Title. Sadly he was not here to hear about our people receiving Native Title in 2011. He was a Kimberley Land Council Executive Officer, a Director of WGAC and also a JP for the police. My mother is a Gaambera lady. She travelled to and from Truscott and Kalumburu when my eldest sister Regina was younger.  My two older brothers died in the World War 2 bombing.
$1,000.00 inc. GST
Gwion by Lillian Karadada
$500.00 inc. GST
Gwion Dancers with the Wanjina (rainmaker) by Caren Mangolamurra
I painted the Gwion dancers with the Wanjina (rain maker) because I was inspired by other Wunambal Gaambera artists painting them. I want to learn to paint many more like this.
$500.00 inc. GST
Hunting and Gathering Tools by Gemma Unhango
I painted the gathering and hunting tools because I wanted others to be aware of them. I want to encourage other Wunambal Gaambera people to paint our lifestyle as well as our stories, our culture, dreaming, land, ancestors and identity – the spirit of this land. I painted these tools as it’s different and not everybody paints this sort of style.
$200.00 inc. GST
Junba (dance) by Rosa Marnga
Here I painted the “junba” (a dance where all people join and sing as we dance to our gods) – our old people’s quobery (corroboree). This junba tells the story that the Wanjina is our rainmaker. We look up to him as he is our knowledge and God. Our old people danced to express to the Wanjina how grateful and proud they were to receive his gifts no matter how little or big. We have to be grateful.
$500.00 inc. GST
Marrnga (Brahminy kite) by Rosa Marnga
I painted the eagle because the language name is Marrnga, which represents our family’s totem and dreaming. The name came from one of our grandfathers as it was his totem. The old people gave him the name. Marnga is my surname.
$500.00 inc. GST
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$200.00 inc. GST

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