Tour Operator Passes

Wunambal Gaambera people welcome guests, passengers and crew of registered Uunguu tour operators.

Tour Operators, find out more HERE and PURCHASE your Uunguu Visitor Pass below.

Other visitors, please buy your independent traveller passes HERE

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Ngauwudu Road Zone

Access to 13 Visitor Locations for one adult Private 4WD vehicles via Port Warrender Road & Private and charter aircraft via Mitchell Plateau Airstrip Price includes GST.
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Ngauwudu Bushwalker Tour Operator

Access for one adult to approved bushwalking corridors for 14 consecutive days. Includes access to all Ngauwudu (Road) Zone Visitor Locations – click here for corridors map. * The Bushwalking Corridors are only open Jul-Oct (closed Nov-Jun).
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Gural Transit (Uunguu Coast)

One way voyage access to 7 visitor Locations for 2 days & 1 night. Cruise boats transiting to or from Dambimangari Country, to or from Mitchell Plateau Airstrip visitor location, via Prince five Fredrick Harbour visitor locations (#15-19) and the Punamii-Uunpuu visitor location.
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Uunguu Coast Zone

Access to 50 Visitor Locations for 10 consecutive days. Cruise boat and other ocean tour vessels (incl. fishing operators) & seaplanes & helicopters conducting tours.
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