Visitor Locations

Wunambal Gaambera people have approved the Visitor Locations (area, site or access corridor) that appear on the Visitor Location Schedule link. Visitors do not have permission to enter or stay at any other place on land within the Wunambal Gaambera Country determined area.

Uunguu Coast Zone – Visitor Locations

Area No. Name

Visitor Locations (Open to Visitors, access)

Coordinates LatLong

CR 1 Anjo-Vansittart East Anjo Cove Natural/History
Shady Lady History
Mungalalu History
Banjal Cultural
DC3 WW2 Site History
Jalandal Cultural
Jar Island Cultural
Rocky Cove Cultural
CR2 Vansittart West Freshwater Cove
Wargul/Wargul History Maccassan
Edith Falls
CR3 Osborne Lawley
Lawley Estuary and Inter-tidal
CR4 Ngauwudu West Punamii-Uunpuu
Lower Mitchell
CR5 Gibulde-Ganariya W
CR6 Gural Naturaliste Island
Hunter R Estuary and Inter-tidal
Careening Bay

Ngauwudu Road Zone – Visitor Locations

RZ 1

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