Tour Operator UVP Registration


Tour Operators must submit an on-line Registration application to WGAC via the form below. Successful applicants will be issued an Interim Registration Certificate and an invoice to pay the relevant UVP Fee within 28 days (see the fee table below). On receipt of payment, WGAC will replace the Interim Registration Certificate with a UVP Registration Certificate valid for five (5) years, subject to compliance with the Tour Operators Terms and Conditions

Registered Uunguu Tour Operators will be required to update registration details by February 28 annually and promptly advise WGAC of any further registration changes or non compliance with Tour Operators’ Terms and Conditions.

As well as the information below, in order to complete your company’s registration as an Uunguu Tour Operator, please email the following documents to

  • Tour Operator Accreditation Certificate
  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Certificate
  • Transport Unit(s) Registration/Survey Certificate
  • Transport Unit(s) Comprehensive Vessel/Vehicle Insurance Policy
  • Tour Risk Management Plan & Evacuation Procedures
  • COVIDSafe Plan


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