Visitor Locations


Uunguu Visitor Pass Zones

The map below shows the two main UVP Zones: 1) Ngauwudu (Road) Zone and 2) Wunambal and Gaambera coast zones, which together make up the Uunguu Coast Zone.

Clicking each zone on the map will open an enlarged version in a new window, allowing you to see the details of all the UVP Visitor Locations. 

Download map of all UVP Visitor Locations, including click here.

To download map of all Visitor Location Coordinates & Landing Areas click here.

Download map of Ngauwudu (Road) Zone UVP Visitor Locations, click here.

To download map and information about Bushwalking corridors click here.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no public internet/phone access on Wunambal Gaambera Country. It is important that you download/print all relevant passes, maps, guides and information BEFORE travel.

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