(Surveyor's Pool)
Ngauwudu Visitor Area — Ngauwudu (Road) Zone


Natural Story

About 20kms north of the Mitchell Falls turn-off is the turn-off to Surveyors Pool. A further 10km drive takes you to the beginning of the walking track to access the pool (easy to moderate grade). Allow about 1-1.5 hours return for this 2km walk. You will cross the Wung-gayila (laterite-basalt) plateau to descend in the last 0.5km to Aunauyu in Argu (rocky sandstone) country. It is a traditional camping site with an abundance of bush-tucker and fish: Amalarr (black bream).

Cultural Story

Wunggurr (snake) and Gulinggi Wanjina came here from Bunjani (Mertens) pushing up rocks to create Yawal (waterhole) as his home. The big white rocks are the Wunggurr snake eggs.


Take care near erosion sites and pool ledges.

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