(Big Mertens Falls)
Ngauwudu Visitor Area — Ngauwudu (Road) Zone


Natural Story

These spectacular falls are located in Argu (rocky sandstone), Walararr (spinifex) and Yawal (waterhole) country. Mangarrmangarr (peregrine falcons) nest on the cliff ledges of gorges. Miiyani (water-lily) in the Yawal are prized bush-tucker collected by women.

Cultural Story

Wunambal people have a story from Lalai that 3 Wunggurr snakes teamed up with two Mandagana (sea eagle) and a Warrana (wedge-tailed eagle) to sink a canoe full of people in Pariaba (Bougainville Peninsula). There is a Gwion “battle scene” and local animal art panel at the Yawal (waterhole) on the track 800 metres east of Big Mertens.


Take care at cliff edges – keep well back.

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