Wandadjingan Lookout
Ngauwudu Visitor Area — Ngauwudu (Road) Zone


Natural Story

On Port Warrender Road approximately 25kms from Mitchell Plateau Airstrip is this spectacular lookout in Wunggayila (volcanic hill) country with Jon (Darwin box) trees and groves of Gun.gurru (cycad). You can look out to Brremangurey Country on the eastern shore of Port Warrender Bay, up to Steep Head Island in Ngurralii Country and take in the brilliant blue of the Timor Sea to the north.

Cultural Story

Wandadjingan was a regular meeting place for Kandiwal and Leyo (Gibulde) people to start dry-season hunting drives for Aamba (kangaroo) in particular Walamba (antilopine kangaroo). These meetings formed part of the Wunambal culture of sharing their Uunguu (resources).
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