Freshwater Cove
Pariaba Visitor Area


Natural Story

This is Wunggayila (volcanic hills) Country, dissected by rias (channels). Bauxite mining leases granted for this area are a significant threat to Healthy Country. A short walk upstream takes you to a small swimming hole with a waterfall.

Cultural Story

Wunambal Gaambera people welcome mariners to use this watering point. Wulo (rainforest patches) on nearby hill slopes have spectacular red flowering Wundarla (bombax) trees – used for canoe and raft making, and habitat for Julwan (euros), Yanbirri (olive python), Wijinngarri (northern quoll) and Wobarda (water goanna).


On high tide at the basalt rock landing. This Visitor Location is in Aboriginal Reserve R24705. Your UVP will support your application to Department of Aboriginal Affairs to access Visitor Locations within R24705. On high tide at the basalt rock landing.

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