Jalandal Visitor Location
Vansittart Bay — Kingana Visitor Area

Kingana Visitor Area

Natural Story

Near Pauline Bay, Jalandal is a sandplain and sandstone outcrop (Wumanggarr). Wiljari (quinine tree), used for relieving toothache, and emu food are abundant here. Our Uunguu Rangers have erected a barrier fence to protect this site from feral animals, mainly cattle.

Cultural Story

Jalandal site is the resting place of Ngamali, a giant Gayarra (sea) Wanjina who urinated to create the saltwater for marine animals and fish to live in. Gwion are nearby. Jalandal is the shortened name for Jalarr Nindalu – place of the Jarlanba (kurrajong) tree. Ngamali was mortally wounded whilst establishing peaceful relations with the seasonal Makassan bujulum (beche de mer/trepang) fisherpeople.


This Visitor Location is in Aboriginal Reserve R24705. Your UVP will support your application to Department of Aboriginal Affairs to access Visitor Locations within AR24705.

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