Ngurralii Visitor Area​

Natural Story

A high-tide landing at dorra (meeting of salt and fresh water) using the sandstone ramp, followed by a 1km walk through a Ngarli (paperbark) grove, takes you to upstream Yawal (waterholes), home to Laaru (freshwater mussel) and Miiyani (water-lily). There is also an abundance of Marlinju (oysters) and Julwun (euros: rock kangaroos). Paspaley Pearling Company operates pearl farms in these Ngurralii waters.

Cultural Story

Ngurralii family’s Country, including the nearby Osborne Islands is a richly resourced and sheltered traditional camping coast. Two Visitor Locations are open – “25 Marrijibirri (mullet)” and (also know as “Apartments”) at -14.358129, +126.082349, +5.000000. The arrival of pearling schooners in 1890 created much tension, which the Ngurralii people believe was rectified when Wunggurr sank the steam yacht “Sunbeam” in 1892.

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