Ngula (Jar Island) # 2
Kingana Visitor Area


Natural Story

This site is also Argu (rocky sandstone) and Walararr (spinifex) Country. A short walk from the beach takes you to a cave and there is a spectacular Walin (Osprey) nest on a rock pile at the southern end of the beach.

Cultural Story

In the cave there are several rock art panels depicting various styles of Gwion art, including Wararrajai, Yowna (Sash) and Mambi (Tassel). There are also Jebarra (emu) and Aamba (kangaroo) paintings at another well-sheltered cave. The traditional camping site above the small tidal flat abounds in Arjuda (long-bum, mudwhelk).


Allow 1-2 hours to walk the track from the beach to inspect the cave complex.

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