(Mitchell Falls)
Kandiwal/Gibulde Visitor Area


Natural Story

Set in Argu (rocky sandstone) Country, the iconic Punamii-Uunpuu Falls are a highlight of the Uunguu Experience. Look out for Warrana (wedge-tailed eagles), Dalal (rare black-grass wrens), Wobarda (water goannas) and Monyjon (the endemic little rock wallaby).

Cultural Story

Punamii-Uunpuu is the home of the powerful Wunggurr (Creator Snakes) seen in the Falls’ rainbows. This is a National Heritage listed place.
To respect Wunggurr and keep yourself and us safe, please do not swim in the pools below the Falls and keep well back from cliff edges. Aircraft, please observe Punamii-Uunpuu no-fly zone and only use the designated landing area. Appropriate DBCA licence for aircraft operations required.
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