(Hunter River)
Gural Visitor Area


Natural Story

Towering sandstone cliffs rise above scree-slope rainforests and mangroves. Prolific wildlife inhabit this river. Look out for Balngga (saltwater crocodiles), nesting Madangana (sea-eagles) and the rare rough-scale python.

Cultural Story

Yirinni (Hunter River) is protected by Marriawalu. The two striking stone formations at the river mouth: Wunggurr (snake) to the east and Aamba (kangaroo) to the west, represent the fate of two men who challenged the power of Gillinggi (Wunggu).


Gateway to Yirinni (Hunter River) and estuary. Marriawalu (both formations) is not open for visitors. This Visitor Location is in Aboriginal Reserve R30643. Your UVP will support your application to Department of Aboriginal Affairs to access Visitor Locations within R30643.
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