Pest Species Management


Uunguu Rangers  are managing weeds and feral animals on country. We have been doing weed control at Ngauwudu (Mitchell Plateau) every year and also Monger Creek, getting rid of grader grass which has been brought in by vehicles travelling through the country. 

Our Uunguu Rangers have been managing feral pigs at Ngauwudu using a feeder on a 44 gallon drum. 

Research with DBCA has been done on cane toads at Ngauwudu. A toad sausage has been used to teach quolls not to eat cane toads. 

Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation’s (WGAC) Healthy Country Team (including the Uunguu Rangers and Traditional Owners) recently completed field work to trial two Felixer cat traps at Ngauwudu (Mitchell Plateau). The trial on Wunambal Gaambera Country is the first regional trial of the Felixer, an automated tool to help control feral cats and foxes. Felixers use rangefinder sensors to distinguish target cats and foxes from non-target wildlife and humans and spray targets with a measured dose of toxic gel. This trial was a ‘photo-only’ trial with no toxins used.
Read more about it in this media release.

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