Right Way Fire


Right Way Fire

Fire is one of the most important things we use to look after and keep our country healthy. Fire helps bush foods like fruits and yams grow and it makes new grass for animals to eat. If we burn at the wrong time it is no good, as some animals can’t escape. Many plants that are special to our country rely on fire to grow again or cannot survive if there are too many hot fires.

Fire is medicine for our country and medicine for our people. Fire is also a signal that can tell us what is happening in our country. Fire has a spiritual importance in our culture. We use it in smoking ceremonies when visiting Wanjina and Wunggurr places and for spiritual cleansing during other ceremonies. 

Malgarra (wildfires) are a worry as they happen in the Yuwala (hot season), burn lots of country and can damage our culture places and other parts of our Uunguu like plants and animals.

Fire is both a target and an operation as outlined in our Healthy Country Plan. 

WGACs Right Way Fire operations involve planning, use of traditional and modern ground and aerial burning techniques in the cooler early dry season, focusing on creating mosaics of patch fires and connecting breaks in older fuel loads.

Uunguu Rangers and Traditional Owners team together to undertake cool burns in each graa (a family groups part of country), as well as teach younger generations how to burn “right-way” and to connect with their ancestors’ cultural (rock art) and camping places while walking country.

Read more about WGAC’s RIGHT WAY FIRE operations and fire management improvements HERE.

WGAC is a member of the Indigenous Fire Carbon Industry Network (ICIN).

WGAC trade carbon carbon credits. Get in touch with us today if you would like to know more about buying our ACCUs. 

Find out more about our fire program in our healthy country plan or read some of these online articles:


Aerial burning wulo (rainforest) at Ngauwudu (Mitchell Plateau)

Ground burning at Mitchell Airstrip

Fire Season
(MARCH – June)

Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation would like to advise that prescribed burning will commence in the wider project area on the 10th April and continue until 30 June conducted in accordance with an annual fire plan.

Fire operations from 1 March (previously 1 April) to 14 January are covered by permits under the Bush Fires Act and regulations require that neighbours be notified and you have been identified as either a neighbouring landowner or other stakeholder. Please assist us in this by informing us of any changes in your preferred contact and contact details.

Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation is responsible for exclusive possession lands in the WW Uunguu Native Title Determination as shown by the areas shaded grey on the attached map. It includes the northern parts of the Mitchell R National Park, Lawley R National Park, Camp Creek Conservation Park and part of the Laterite Conservation Park as well as Aboriginal Reserves.

Our ‘Right Way Fire’ program aims to reduce the impact of late dry season wildfires on cultural sites, biodiversity and infrastructure. Burning will be done through a combination of ground burning (along road and track networks) and aerial burning from a helicopter and plane. WGAC also undertakes some joint fire activities with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions.

Care will be taken to ensure that fire does not cross cadastral boundaries or threaten infrastructure and assets. If you are a landowner we would encourage you to comply with the Bush Fires Act 1954 and install firebreaks and have adequate equipment and training to respond to wildfires and provide reciprocal notification of your proposed burns. The Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley and Department of Fire & Emergency Services can provide advice on these matters.

Fire information will be provided on our website (www.wunambalgaambera.org.au ), including fire notices and information for visitors.

Please contact WGAC if you have any queries regarding fire operations on the details below:
Tom Vigilante, Healthy Country Manager, 0427163080, tom.vigilante@wunambalgaambera.org.au
Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation, PMB 16 Kalumburu via Wyndham WA 6740, info@wunambalgaambera.org.au , 08 91614451 (office).


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