Wunambal Gaambera and Valperlon Working Towards Mining Agreement for Wuudagu Bauxite Project

The Wunambal Gaambera Traditional Owners and Perth based group Valperlon are working towards
a mining agreement to cover development of the proposed Wuudagu bauxite project on the north
eastern coast of Wunambal Gaambera Country, North Kimberly, WA.
The proposed bauxite export project, that could be operating from 2021 would involve surface mining,
road haulage, product beneficiation, marine loading and transhipment, employing up to 250 people
and is being designed to avoid, minimise, rehabilitate or offset potential environmental and social
The Wuudagu project will exist within the Uunguu Indigenous Protected Area on Wunambal
Gaambera Country. Wunambal Gaambera Aboriginal Corporation Chairperson, Catherine Goonack
says “the smaller scale and potential benefit of the proposed Wuudagu operations adds another link
to achieving our Healthy Country Plan Vision and communal need for our People to secure year round
incomes, wealth, well-being and resources to keep us and our Country healthy.”
Wunambal Gaambera people’s Uunguu IPA is our commitment to protect and use our ancestors
Wunambal Gaambera Country in accord with IUCN Protected Area standards. The Wuudagu project
is to be developed to best environmental, economic, social and cultural practice and accredited
WGAC and Valperlon will be working together to maximise training, employment and economic
development opportunities from the proposed project and ensuring contributions and communal
benefit to the ongoing environmental, social and cultural management of Wunambal Gaambera
Executive Director of Valperlon Ryan de Franck said “We are proud to have the support of the
Wunambal Gaambera Traditional Owners for our proposed Wuudagu project. Wunambal Gaambera
have a strong connection to their country and are highly regarded for their leadership and approach
to environmental management. Valperlon are committed to working inclusively with Wunambal
Gaambera to implement a responsible resource development as the mining agreement will provide.”
Valperlon and WGAC have been engaged in a formal process of consultation since 2014 and this
relationship has continued at a recent agreement development meeting of Wunambal Gaambera
Traditional Owners and company representatives in Kalumburu.

For more information please contact:
Wunambal Gaambera Valperlon Group
media@wunambalgaambera.org.au | www.wunambalgaambera.org.au
wuudagu@valperlon.com | www.valperlon.com

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